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November 2000 Update
Sadly, the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Bill is now The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act and has passed into UK law. Many of the details of exactly how this deeply flawed legislation will work in practice are still being worked on by the UK Government.

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Thanks to everyone who lobbied their MP. Over 2000 faxes were sent, and many MPs are now aware that the RIP Act contains provisions that should worry them deeply. Some have gone to the trouble to learn more about these technically challenging issues.

  • The FIPR (Foundation for Information Policy Research) lead a concerted rearguard lobbying campaign to get the worst bits of the RIP Bill fixed before they became law. They had some success, particularly in the Lords. They deserve enormous respect. Read about their endeavours here.
  • Also read their report on why the RIP Act is technically inept and is ineffective against criminals while undermining the privacy, safety and security of honest citizens.
  • We've built a new and sweeter version of the MP Web-To-Fax-Gateway tool, which can now be found at FaxYourMP.com




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